Bar-T Closed on Tuesday 1/26

Posted by on January 25, 2016

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Due to inclement weather, all Bar-T locations, including the Main Office, will be closed on Tuesday, January 26th.

How did we make the decision? 

  • Kids Clubs, Pre-Kindergarten, and Early Childhood Programs in Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) Buildings: We follow MCPS Administrative Offices. If schools are closed, but Administrative Offices are open, we do our best to be open. If Administrative Offices are closed, we can’t get into the buildings and will be closed (they frown upon operating childcare in snowy parking lots). Note: If Administrative Offices issue a delay, we will open at 9:00am. MCPS has closed Administrative Offices for Tuesday, so we must also close.
  • Mountainside After School Club (MAC): We follow Frederick County Public Schools closing schedule. If it’s a Code Yellow or Code Red, we’ll definitely be closed. If it’s a Code Green, Code Orange, or Code Blue, we’ll assess the roads around Mountainside, and our parking lots, and be open when it is safe to be open. Tuesday is Code Yellow, so Bar-T will not be open.
  • Clearview Kids Club: We follow Fairfax County SACC. If SACC is open, we’ll be open. Fairfax County closed school, and SACC, for tomorrow.
  • Reston: We follow Federal Government when it comes to closing. If the Federal Government is closed or delayed, we will be closed and/or delayed. If there is inclement weather and the government does not close or delay, we will assess the parking lot at our facility and let you know our status by 6:00am. In tomorrow’s case, we simply cannot get into the building yet.