Category: Working at Bar-T

Category: Working at Bar-T

Learn About the Bar-T Director Career Track

Posted by on May 25, 2016

Having quality staff in our programs is the key to running a successful business.  They are the front line of our company and are the most important people in our organization. We believe in staffing our centers with only the most caring and energetic people.  We attract exceptional individuals because of our reputation as leaders in the child care industry, competitive wages, and our generous benefits package. Because we want to encourage our Directors to continue with their career at Bar-T, […]

Introducing E.L.A.B., Bar-T’s New Leadership Development Program

Posted by on April 3, 2016

E.L.A.B. Emerging Leaders at Bar-T e·merg·ing (adjective): newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity, becoming widely known or established. leader (noun): a person that is able to exercise a high degree of influence over others through establishing a clear vision, articulating a vision, and providing the resources and support necessary for others to help realize that vision. Bar-T’s Director in Training (DIT) program has evolved over the years into a program that is used to groom and […]