Community Partnership Spotlight: Whetstone Kids Club & Sunrise Senior Living

Posted by on October 26, 2017

Although community outreach is nothing new to Bar-T, this year we’ve decided to grow our network and engage in Community Partnerships on the local level. Each Bar-T Kids Club is partnering with a local organization in order to give our kids more opportunities to learn about their community, engage in acts of service and kindness, and grow as an active citizen and young role model. We will be featuring different partnerships each month here on our website.


When we realized that there was a Senior Living Community, Sunrise Senior Living, within walking distance of our school, we reached out and let them know that we were coming! Our Bar-T family at Whetstone Elementary was so excited at the thought of getting involved that we had parents asking what they could bring in for our Senior friends and the kids wanted to make some new friends.

Because we can walk there, we organized a little “Reverse” Trick-or-Treating for our kids… We get so much candy when we go door-to-door on Halloween, so why don’t we go over and bring candy to them! In the days leading up to our walking field trip, we created Halloween Goody Bags to bring with us and brainstormed what we wanted to do while we got there. We practiced introducing ourselves, thought about what costumes we could wear to bring some Halloween spirit, and practiced the dances that we wanted to teach them.

Our afternoon at Sunrise went off without a hitch… and we must brag about our awesome kids! They did a great job introducing themselves to new friends, excitedly handed out goody bags, learned about our new friends, got some good hugs, and danced their hearts out. We’re so grateful to Ms. Keisha, or Whetstone Bar-T Director, for creating this memorable opportunity for our kids and continuing to build on the relationships that began here.

Happy Halloween!


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