Community Partnership Update: October 2017

Posted by on November 17, 2017

Here are a few of the ways that Bar-T kids were engaged in Community Partnerships in October:

Bannockburn Kids Club: The kids partnered with our PTA and made lunches for the homeless as well as participated in the walk during recess to raise money for the homeless.

Burning Tree Kids Club: We hosted a representative from the Make-a-Wish Foundation and made wish stars and banners for Make-a-Wish kids!

Belmont Kids Club: The Belmont crew carved pumpkins and took them to their local fire station to add home Halloween spirit!

Cashell Kids Club: The kids at Cashell made Harvest Chex Mix that was delivered to their local fire station!

Goshen Kids Club: Our kids participated in the Laytonsville Fire Department Open House and made posters for our firefighters.

Laytonsville Kids Club: The Bar-T Team participated in the school’s Halloween Parade and and helped with the 5th Grade Halloween Party.

McNair Kids Club & Great Seneca Creek Kids Club: This crew decorated personal harvest cards that were delivered, as well as some printed crossword puzzles, to a local senior living facility.

Mill Creek Kids Club: Mill Creek kids collected newspaper, old towels, and blankets for their local dog shelter.

Ritchie Park Kids Club: On Oct 27th, the kids and a few of our staff walked over to the Raphael House and performed for the residents!

Rock Creek Forest Kids Club: The kids made Halloween Goodie Bags for the residents at Manor Care Bethesda.

Thurgood Marshall Kids Club: The Thurgood Marshall Crew took decorated candy bags to the police department.

Travilah Kids Club & Darnestown Kids Club: The children wrote/drew thank you notes to the firefighters to welcome them to our partnership!