Introducing E.L.A.B., Bar-T’s New Leadership Development Program

Posted by on April 3, 2016

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Emerging Leaders at Bar-T

e·merg·ing (adjective): newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity, becoming widely known or established.

leader (noun): a person that is able to exercise a high degree of influence over others through establishing a clear vision, articulating a vision, and providing the resources and support necessary for others to help realize that vision.

Bar-T’s Director in Training (DIT) program has evolved over the years into a program that is used to groom and prepare new leaders of our Kids Club programs. Instead of focusing solely on the role and responsibilities of being a Director, we’ve broadened the scope of the program to include leadership skills that we’ve identified as essential to success.

E.L.A.B. is held twice a year for individuals whom we’ve identified as rising stars within the organization. There is an application process for E.L.A.B. and accepted applicants are expected to attend every one of the following sessions:

  • Week #1 

    • Welcome to E.L.A.B.
    • Leadership & Professionalism
    • Navigating Challenging Conversations
  • Week #2 

    • Coaching & Developing your Team
    • Managing your Staff
  • Week #3 

    • Keys to Effective Communication
    • Managing the Center – Main Office Link
    • Marketing Our Bar-T Programs
  • Week #4 

    • Choppy Waters & Child Accountability
    • Managing Emergency / Crisis Situations
  • Week #5 

    • Time Management
    • Center Licensing
  • Week #6

    • Demonstrating Pride in Our Brand
    • Outstanding Center Programming
  • Week #7 

    • A Sense of Ownership
    • Supplying your Center for Success
    • Putting It All Together to Look Great

Participation in class discussion about the lessons, as well has how they are applied to their role, is essential to a successful E.L.A.B. participant. Successful participants are placed on a list of staff members who are considered for leadership roles when they become available. Not every E.L.A.B. graduate becomes a Director, but every Director is an E.L.A.B. graduate.

This program requires a great amount of work and dedication, but you will find that is is highly worth it.