Let’s Talk About Sunscreen!

Posted by on March 27, 2017

If you ask any of our Camp Directors about the most frequently asked question they receive, most of them will tell you that it revolves around sunscreen! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a few tips on making sure kids protect their skin:

  • Seek Shade: This is why you’ll see groups playing under trees, umbrellas, or pop-up tents! We want children to connect with the outdoors during camp, but we do our best to provide shade.
  • Cover Up: Clothes from tightly woven fabric offer the best protection. One of our favorite tips is to send campers in swim shirts with UV protection… they’re able to wear them everywhere around camp and can be found at reasonable prices at stores like Target, Walmart, etc.
  • Get a Hat: We see many creative hats at camp, but the best ones for sun protection provide shade to the scalp, ears, face, and neck.
  • Wear Sunglasses: While these tend to get lost at camp, sunglasses do protect eyes from UV rays!
  • Apply Sunscreen: Yes! Exactly! {We were waiting for this one!} At camp we’re inside and outside, playing and swimming, jumping and dancing, and having a blast for 6+ hours a day… all while wearing sunscreen! Let’s dive a little deeper and answer some frequently asked questions on this one…

Should I put sunscreen on my child before they come to camp every day?
YES! Please send them to camp with their first application of sunscreen already applied… don’t forget their face! We will apply it at camp as well, but they will be outside at Team Time/Town Hall/Huddle Up before we’re broken into groups and have a chance to apply it.

Do you apply sunscreen at camp?
YES! We buy sunscreen by the gallon and apply it throughout the day, every day.

What kind of sunscreen do you use?
All of our camps use Rocky Mountain Sunscreen SPF50 non-aerosol spray. This particular brand is broad spectrum 400nm UVA/SPF 50 UVB and water resistant. It’s also moisturizing, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free of fragrance, casein, gluten, corn products, nut oil, sugars, PABA, carbohydrates, and soy.

When do you apply sunscreen?
We apply sunscreen throughout the day and especially before and after pool time. We use non-aerosol spray bottles and spray it directly on to campers’ skin. For faces, we spray it into their hands and they apply it to their face.

Can my child use a different sunscreen?
YES! If you would like to purchase your own sunscreen and send it to camp, please make sure it is clearly labeled with your child’s name on it. Many parents send in face sticks in backpacks as they’re easier for kids to apply on their faces throughout the day.

What if I don’t want my child to wear sunscreen?
Unless we receive a written note from a parent or guardian, we will make sure your child has sunscreen on throughout the day. If you do not want them to wear it, please send us a note.

Do you have a sunscreen question that we haven’t answered here? Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Camper safety is our first priority and we take this very seriously. Do you have any other questions about how things work at camp?! Contact us and we’d love to address it.

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