Meet The Team

Posted by on August 10, 2016

Meet the Team that Supports Your Kids Club

Here at Bar-T, we like to put faces with the names that you see and hear so very often! We are a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about providing quality care to the families that we serve.  While your Program Director is always a good point-of-contact for any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us directly. We’re all involved in the day-to-day operations of Kids Club and are happy to help meet you needs.


14183885_10210730833975842_6380855858321776571_n 14195472_10100839365935913_2252964113134899304_o13256421_10153602647848779_2153761731674748030_nBar-T was founded on the idea that every individual is of great worth and brings a unique perspective on our business. Our leadership team is no exception. Their backgrounds vary from finance to education, but they each have something in common– a deep love of Bar-T and our mission.


10985350_10100713774926501_3384265521508479415_o 11816268_10153570962986255_628453934464626524_o
In addition to visiting programs on a daily-basis, our Kids Club leadership team is available to meet with Directors at the Main Office every day. They are available to meet with staff to provide guidance on challenging issues, brainstorm new programming ideas, and give advice based on their extensive years of experience with Kids Club.


deb dOne of our longest-tenured, and most experienced, staff members is completely dedicated to staff development. When a need for personal, or team, coaching arises, he is on hand to guide our staff into becoming better child care providers.


Our Human Resources Manager is always available to meet with staff members to answer questions about health insurance and other benefits, help employees enroll in direct deposit or into our Safe Harbor 401(k) program, assess training needs and help sign staff up for courses, and make sure all of their individual needs are met.


lori-wallaceBar-T does all of the tuition registration and billing, in house and it is managed by our Accounts Receivable Manager. In addition to providing Directors with current rosters and collecting drop-in fees and field trip payments, she is the person that they reach out to when a child needs to receive a scholarship.


information technology it Our full-time IT Director is on-hand every day with the sole purpose of meeting our IT needs. He manages the 100+ devices throughout our programs that include iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, desktop computers, printers, a large-scale printer (for posters), and Rocker Blockers.


536424_830437339933_217294164_nCommunicating with children, parents, school community members, and fellow staff members is paramount and we have a Communications Director who oversees all of this. She is available to Directors for proofreading written work, assisting with sending program-wide communications, and brainstorming ways to be involved in our community.


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Our Kids Club Administrator was previously one of our highest-performing Directors who now assists our programs with MSDE Accreditation, Maryland EXCELS, credentialing, licensing, ordering supplies, and just about any other question she is posed with.