Spirit Sticks, Pottery, and Boxcars… Arts & Crafts at Bar-T Summer Camps

Posted by on November 16, 2016

Arts & Crafts is an age-old tradition for summer camps. For our campers, it’s an integral part of our weekly plans. Whether the camper is working with clay in pottery or painting a birdhouse, we are always finding new and innovative ways for our campers to express themselves.kids-camp-arts-crafts

One of the more creative trends that we’ve seen is the creation of Sprit Sticks for camps! Every summer we see new spirit sticks emerge from the Arts & Crafts rooms and watch as groups defend their rights to the Spirit Stick by being spirited, good friends, and awesome campers. In the spirit of treating everyone, and every camp, as individuals, each camp awards theirs differently. Below you see two of our Kids Camp Spirit Sticks from last summer:


Both Ranch and Mountainside offer a pottery program within Arts & Crafts. This gives campers a unique opportunity to take a lump of clay and turn it into a masterpiece. From pinch pots to spaceships, we’ve seen it all…


Now here’s a crowd favorite… The Boxcar Derby! Campers spend all week picking out a theme for their group’s car, designing it, constructing it, painting it, and finally racing it on Friday! Although these masterpieces are of a temporary variety (they get destroyed during the race!), we spend all winter dreaming of what our next boxcar will be…
ranch-boxcar-derby mountainside-derby

What was your camper’s favorite Arts & Crafts activity?! What do they want to make next Summer?!

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