Tyler Talks: Taking Care of Those That Care for our Children

Posted by on March 7, 2014

For decades America has debated how to better educate and care for the rising generation.  Most agree that at least part of the process must involve improved wages for those that play such a heavy role in the intellectual and emotional development of our children.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median hourly wage for a childcare worker is $9.38.  Bar-T has always believed that by becoming an industry leader in compensation & benefits, we would recruit and retain the best people.  In early 2012, Bar-T came up with an ambitious 5-year plan.  After two short years we are happy to report that our average hourly wage is over $12.  Our average Director salary of $43,000 is comparable to first-year teachers in surrounding Maryland counties.  Through paid-time-off, training-reimbursement, and 401K matching we make sure “our family” is properly cared for.  With no shortage of media stories lamenting the rise in health-care costs, Bar-T employees have not seen an increase in two consecutive years.

We set ourselves apart by treating Bar-T employment as a career and not a mere stepping stone.  The average Bar-T employee has been with the company for over 6 years with approximately 25% of our staff staying for more than 10 years!  These statistics are practically unheard of in our industry.

It takes a unique personality to juggle all the necessary hats to care for children.  From taking accountability and knowing where every child is, to planning lessons & activities, to getting on the floor to play “race-cars,” to comforting a child that may need a little extra attention that day, Bar-T employees are ready.  As a young 13 year-old passing out popsicles to kids at the Bar-T Ranch in 1994, I never dreamed I would be here so many years later.  But I believe in our mission.  Like so many others, Bar-T’s dedication to me has only strengthened my dedication to Bar-T.


Tyler Cureton is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  He received his Masters in Business Administration from Duke University in 2010 and his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from BYU in 2004.  Tyler has had the pleasure of being associated with Bar-T since 1995, most recently as the Controller.