What is the main difference between the different Kids Camp locations?
Aside from geography, not a whole lot. The staff and programming at all of our Kids Camps mirror one another, though the facilities are slightly different at each of our camps.  We encourage our Kids Camp families to use the location that is most convenient to home and/or work.

What ages does Bar-T take for summer camp?
Kids Camp is open for campers who will be entering Kindergarten through the 8th grade following the summer.  We also offer a Pre-K program (for campers that will be at least 4 years of age or older by September 1st, 2017) at our St. John’s Kids Camp location.

Once a camper is too old for our programs they may apply for our Leader in Training position. This position transitions them into becoming the great Bar-T staff we know and love.

What hours do you operate?
Regular camp hours run from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. If you need a longer camp day, we have extended care available from 7:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m. at each of our Kids Camp Locations.

How does swimming work?
Swimming is one of our most popular activities at camp and the systems we have in place make it one of the safest as well. On the first trip to a pool, our Bar-T staff work with the pool’s guard staff to evaluate each camper’s swim level. Campers are asked to swim the entire length of the pool and do their best to avoid touching either the bottom or side. Campers are either given a green wristband, which allows them to swim in any area of the pool, or a red wristband, which allows them to swim only in the shallow areas of the pool, based upon our guard’s assessment of the camper’s swimming abilities. Campers may ask to be re-evaluated at any time.

Bar-T works to ensure that each of the pools has an experienced team of lifeguards who oversee all pool activities and allow our group counselors to act as additional lookouts or be in the pool interacting with the kids.

Can I request a friend for my child to be in the same group with?
Absolutely. Bar-T promises to place your child with the first child listed in the “camper’s friend request” field (provided that they are of the same gender and in the same grade) and we will work hard to accommodate each of your child’s friend requests (though they are not guaranteed beyond the first request).

How do you take care of my child if he/she is sick or injured while at camp?
In addition to a number of staff that are certified in CPR and First Aid, Kids Camp has a Med Tech on site during normal camp hours to help ensure the ongoing health and wellness of all of our campers. In the event that a sickness or injury prevents your child from returning to normal camp activities, we will be sure to notify you by phone.

How Does Transportation work for Field Trips?
Each week our Kids Camps will take field trips to a local attraction as well as to the pool. Bar-T bus counselors are along for the ride to make sure that campers remain seated while the vehicle is moving and they are acting appropriately. They also orient campers to any rules the come along with riding the bus.