Themes and Special Events

Themes and Special Events

 We’re currently planning our theme weeks and special events for 2017, here’s what we did in 2016:

Week One: Bring it on… The Great Debate

Spirit Week
Tuesday Dress Up Day: Wacky Hair/Hat
Wednesday Dress Up Day: Mismatch
Thursday Dress Up Day: Jersey Day
Friday Dress Up Day: Blue and Yellow Day (Girls wear Blue, Boys wear Yellow)

Week Two: Star Spangled Banner

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Red, White, and Blue Day
Friday Theme Day: Camp-wide BBQ and Rocket Day

Week Three: Outta This World

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Space Day
Thursday Theme Day: Spaceship Derby

Week Four: As Seen on TV

Wednesday Dress Up Day: TV Character
Friday Theme Day: Parent Show

Week Five: Walk on the Wild Side

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Favorite Animal
Friday Theme Day: Animal Scavenger Hunt and Petting Zoo

Week Six: Hocus Pocus

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Anything Magical
Friday Theme Day: Magical Carnival

Week Seven: Camp Olympics

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Wear your group color (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
Friday Theme Day: Cheer/Chant Competition and Closing Ceremonies

Week Eight: Battle of the Decades

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Favorite Decade
Friday Theme Day: Parent Show

Week Nine: Water, Water, Everywhere

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Anything Water Related
Friday Theme Day: Slip and Slide and Water Obstacle Course

Week Ten: Best of the Best

Wednesday Dress Up Day: Favorite Dress Up Day from the Summer
Friday Theme Day: Best of the Best Theme Day