Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Let our Environmental Education team take the lead with teaching your classroom about the world around them! We have customizable lessons that can be taught at your school or at Bar-T Mountainside, an Environmental Education facility in Urbana, MD. Check out our lessons below and email us to get on our schedule:

A Raindrop’s Journey allows students to follow Rainaldo, Mountainside’s favorite raindrop, as he travels from his cloud to the creek and on to the Chesapeake Bay.

Away We Grow invites students to explore the life cycle of a plant and the basics of a habitat through a combination of engaging lessons. 

CSI Creek Scene Investigators is a lesson that allows students to take on the role of citizen scientists as they develop the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate the health of tributaries within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

May the Force Be With You is a unique exploration of Force and Motion. It utilizes Bar-T Mountainside’s Giant Swing as a model of a pendulum, allowing students the opportunity to experience firsthand the concepts of Force, Motion, and Energy. Students will also participate in a variety of low ropes challenges that support a deeper understanding of quarter one Thinking and Academic Success Skills.

Power it Up is an engaging hands on investigation of wind as a viable source of renewable energy in Maryland, through the use of model wind turbines. Students work in collaborative groups with their chrome books and the materials we provide to build, test, and re-work turbine designs. Students demonstrate their flexible and critical thinking as they work to improve their model’s output based on data collection and observations of their peers.

WATTS UP is an engaging exploration of electricity and conservation that brings hands-on learning stations into your classroom. Students will learn what current sources generate Maryland’s electricity, why renewable sources are good for our environment and why it’s important to make sure we turn off the lights when we leave the classroom!

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